My First Blog Post

I have never written a blog before. I do it now to communicate with all the people in our new federal electoral district. I am here to represent our community, a community of people from all walks of life. As one of 30 new federal ridings in Canada, it is important that WE get the next federal election right. Because, lets be honest.whats happening in our country, certainly isnt working for everyone. There are lots of issues we need to address, but until we elect the right individuals nothing of significance will ever get done. I am a community and business leader with a strong ambition to see all my neighbours healthy and prosperous. I believe that the more we communicate and understand one another, the more mutual success we will have together. I look forward to sharing all my experiences and learning all about yours, as I travel through our new riding meeting you and hearing about what we share and value.

If your going to play partisan, at least play fair!

In a democratic country of millions of people, I find it hard to believe that we have to acclaim a candidate and not have them WIN a fair and democratic race in order to EARN a chance to represent their community and their country. The fact that Singh Sajjan (Vancouver South) was acclaimed Friday by Justin Trudeau should be an outrage to every Canadian Citizen. (WHY would only 1 person out of tens of thousands run for this???) Justin Trudeau said the Liberals would hold OPEN and FAIR nominations, this is not what is happening in our country. I am saddened more and more every day by what is happening to Canada. Any form of democracy we once had is slipping away by the minute. I highly doubt Mr Trudeau will be any better for our country than Mr Harper is, if these actions of his are what he calls a DEMOCRACY. Shame on you Justin! No wonder we have such great divides within our communities and country. With leaders who pit one group against another, our political system is nothing more than one gang against another fighting for power. A few thousand years ago, power was taken at the point of a sword and still is in some places on our planet. The only difference in our country is that power is bought and fought on the front lines with cash. If we continue to do what obviously isnt working, most of us will be facing serious consequences very soon. Its time to step up, take action and become part of the solution!

Think Artisan politics, Not partisan.

Heres an idea..Partisan politics separates and Artisan politics creates. We have been doing the same thing over and over again with pretty much the same result. I think a majority would agree its time for a social shift. Why would we categorize our-selves with what seems to be the best of the worst? I dont want to have to pick from a select group that doesnt even remotely represent me, my ideologies or the significant issues our community stands for. Why cant we have someone cater to our specific needs instead of us catering to theirs? Partisan politics divides families, communities, cities and countries. It causes tension and hostilities between groups that otherwise wouldnt clash. Partisan politics are denominational and will only ever end in a disconnect within our society. It only ever puts a party in power and does not empower the community itself. What I would support in its place is a new idea, a fresh way of thinking. Something called Artisan politics.  Artisan politics creates, it builds, collaborates and unites people together. Artisan politics will grow communities, ideas and create from within for all of society to benefit from. If we have a Representative who works for the community and not just a party we will have more freedom of thought, contribution and localization. We need representatives who understand the dynamic of the people in their community, who listens to them and relays that on to Ottawa. Someone who works with that specific riding, has their best interests at heart and Not the Parties. Every single person is inherently an artist. Whether you are creating through farming and growing, swinging a hammer and building, musically inclined, mathematician, dancer, it is there in every one of us. Instead of limiting ourselves through barriers whether they are by socio economic, education, or partisan politics, I believe its our time to start the shift. I am sure we can all agree that we want a better world for our friends, family and children. Lets stop working against one another, and start to work together to create a future all of us can be proud of.


Start thinking about the Shift.

Around 60 percent of our countries population, does not even vote in federal elections. it is an even smaller turnout in provincial and municipal elections most times. Shouldnt our government be asking why this is.? Do they even care why? Maybe they prefer to have it this way? Most people who dont vote have a very good reason why that is. I have talked to thousands of people about different political issues, but I am always most curious why someone wouldnt vote. Because to someone like me voting is almost sacred, its the one time every few years you get to secretly have an opinion and stick it to the Man (Govt)right? No, not right. I think its more the other way round. Every few years the man gets to stick it to us, because nothing ever changes except who gets the fat cheques and the fat pensions! Why are some citizens successful and some are not? It is because the current system is not set up in a way that is fair for all involved. We always hear the age old adage If you work hard you will get ahead. Thats the positive outlook on it anyway. There is the negative way as well You dont have anything because you are Lazy. But did you ever stop and think about all those people who never did get a chance right from the start for whatever reason? How can anyone ever be successful if they dont have the proper nutrients, housing, education, family or community support? Well the answer is, they cannot. And whats more than that, is we see people trying to raise themselves-up and out of an unfortunate socioeconomic situation, only to be pushed into debilitating frustration by different government agencies so they just give up and quit their attempt anyway. This is in part why we have mistrust in the government to the extent that we do. Revenue agencies, Social services, boarder services and government representatives need to rethink the manner in which they deal with the general public, their fellow citizens! We need to collaborate and work together to rebuild the trust necessary to establish a working relationship between government and its citizens. A citizen will never be fully honest to their government if the government cannot first be honest to them. The role of government should be to set up an infrastructure that allows its citizens to develop to their full potential. One that encourages and makes sure its people have the resources they need to flourish and not the opposite! If our citizens do not have fair and equal access to the proper facilities they need to flourish, then our society becomes unbalanced like it is. When we have an unbalanced society we see things like tax evasion just to touch on one small point. When a typical member of society has a sense of entitlement to ripping of their government its probably because they feel as though its being done to them as well. When the hard working tradesperson sees his representative in a nice suit, lavish accomodations, never getting his hands dirty, talking the talk but not walking the walk, why wouldnt they do some jobs under the table? Then the revenue agency comes along and hounds them and their family, penalizes them monitarily adding even more stress and pressure to their situation. No wonder we see mental health issues sky rocketing out of control. Where is the peace and harmony in our own country? Have you ever watched a session of our representatives in the House of Commons? Should these people be role models for our children and our society? There seems to be a serious sense of resentment towards the governing faction and until we address this issue we can never be equalls. Does anyone ever stop and think how this will all end up if we continue in this manner? Its time for a social shift and thats exactly what we are all here to do. Lets be proactive and work together to ensure all of our children have the same opportunities. In a nation as wealthy as ours, its a tradegy that our representitives still allow poverty and inequality to exist.


Minority VS Majority

Do you know the present make up of the House of Commons? Of the 308 available seats, the Conservative government holds 163 seats. They hold the majority by just 9 seats. There are currently 6 political parties in the House of Commons, although only 3 of them are recognized.* There are also 7 independent members sitting in the House of Commons. This is a pretty interesting make up. With 30 more seats being added in the next federal election, a party will have to win 170 seats to form a majority government. This is very unlikely to happen in the next federal election! Instead, we will probably have a minority government. This could be bad or good, depending on how you look at it.

I believe a minority government is good for Canadians. Its never a good thing to give one person or one group too much power for too long. Some people think nothing gets done with a minority government, but in fact our public health care, our flag, and the Canada Pension Plan were all brought in during a minority government. Because the ruling party is forced to work with the other parties to maintain power, they are more open to co-operation with other parties and MPs. I really believe the best thing any riding could do going into the next federal election is to elect a non-affiliated or independent candidate. Without partisan politics to interfere, an independent would be able to work more openly with parties from all sides of the political spectrum without party control or interfence. With all parties vying for the independent MP vote, it would be a great opportunity to attract more federal attention and national investment to the riding. Partisan politics divide and separate communities. What we need to do is collaborate, build and grow our communities together. We shouldnt give up our power to a party, we should empower OUR community!


*A political party must have at least 12 members of parliament elected to the House of Commons to be a “recognized party” for the purposes of parliamentary proceedings. Why does this matter? MPs who are not part of a recognized party are generally not appointed to standing or legislative committees, nor is there an obligation for the house to consult them on issues that do require cross-party consultation, such as the appointment of the Ethics Commissioner. They also receive less funding to carry out parliamentary duties. The six parties are Conservative (163), NDP (96), Liberal (35), Green (2), Force et Democratie (2), and Bloc Quebecois (2). For more information go to

Thrifty Thursday

Today, the retail giant Target has announced that they will be closing down in Canada. Its unfortunate that so many people will be losing their jobs, around 17,000. Sony has also said they will be closing down their outlet stores in Canada. We have also heard about numerous production cuts and slow downs across the country from oil to airplanes. No doubt the Libs and New Dems will be hitting the attack on the conservatives action plan that we have all been so cleverly conditioned with over the past years. Good thing I am not bitter about the billion dollar advertising budget that could have got around 35 thousand people a bachelors degree in this country. It seems to me that would have been a much better way to have spent the money! Instead of trying to brainwash a country, educate the people, who create, innovate and in turn produce a huge taxation base, probably a smarter use of the funds. We perpetuate our own future and until we start investing in our people (our greatest resource) we will continue to see a volatile economic system. It is a sad inevitability that we will see many more economic downturns or recessions (call em what you will) if we keep doing the same thing over and over. However, I dont look at this as a bad thing, rather this is an opportunity to start a shift in a more positive direction. We need to focus on smaller endeavors and become more self reliant and self sustainable. Start a small business, downsize or plant a garden. Every single person has it in them to become whatever it is they can envision for themselves. We will probably see things get a little tighter this year with the price of the barrel going down but lets use that to our advantage. Instead of stopping investment and implementing cutbacks, we need to be creative and generate new small, cottage industries (there are literally millions).


Canadians are known worldwide for their grit, ingenuity, and inventiveness. Now is our time to shine and with the right type of leadership we can all prosper and grow into a much brighter future for all Canadians.