In a democratic country of millions of people, I find it hard to believe that we have to acclaim a candidate and not have them WIN a fair and democratic race in order to EARN a chance to represent their community and their country. The fact that Singh Sajjan (Vancouver South) was acclaimed Friday by Justin Trudeau should be an outrage to every Canadian Citizen. (WHY would only 1 person out of tens of thousands run for this???) Justin Trudeau said the Liberals would hold OPEN and FAIR nominations, this is not what is happening in our country. I am saddened more and more every day by what is happening to Canada. Any form of democracy we once had is slipping away by the minute. I highly doubt Mr Trudeau will be any better for our country than Mr Harper is, if these actions of his are what he calls a DEMOCRACY. Shame on you Justin! No wonder we have such great divides within our communities and country. With leaders who pit one group against another, our political system is nothing more than one gang against another fighting for power. A few thousand years ago, power was taken at the point of a sword and still is in some places on our planet. The only difference in our country is that power is bought and fought on the front lines with cash. If we continue to do what obviously isnt working, most of us will be facing serious consequences very soon. Its time to step up, take action and become part of the solution!