Mike Souheil : I am asking for your vote in the federal election, so you should know what I stand for. I share our Canadian values and our concern for this great country. Economy, equality, and education are cornerstones in my plans for the future. For starters, we need to encourage sustainable, pro-Canadian industries here in our riding and our province. Tax incentives, reduced bureaucracy, and an emphasis on hiring Canadian workers and growing Canadian manufacturing to  help build long term stable growth. By promoting green technologies we can improve our economy while at the same time protecting and preserving the natural heritage of the Fraser Valley and Canyon.

             Essential to the health of Canadians and the economy is a strong agricultural industry, including food production, floraculture, and silviculture. These are all essential in the success of the farming community in the south of the riding, while further north orchards and cattle ranches thrive. Agrifoods contribute over $11 billion to the BC economy each year. Clearly, we must encourage and support our versatile agricultural sector.

            Canada has great natural resources to draw on for our industries. We will have to gradually implement environmentally friendly practices while expanding on new technologies. But Canada’s biggest resource, by far: our people. We need to promote our people and rebuild Canada’s reputation and credibility on the world stage. To this end, I would implement universal post-secondary education in Canada. There are many established and proven examples of universal post-secondary around the world whose model we could follow. Our youth are our future; we need to give them the chance to learn, to innovate, to become the leaders in new technology.

            Having said that, we also need to focus on the people who built our country, including our elders and seniors. We must continue to provide healthcare and also expand community services so that all seniors have health providers close to their own neighbourhood. As your MP, I would start a dialogue  with each community to tailor the services provided to the needs of the community.

            As the world quickly changes, so too must we as global citizens. As Canadians we need to lead the world in embracing green technologies and in promoting our own citizens. We are at a time in history when we need to establish a balance between new realities and respect for traditions. I believe that in order to accomplish these tasks set out in my campaign, we need a versatile and strong leader. Show me your support on October 19, 2015, and I will work harder for you than any MP ever has before.