Around 60 percent of our countries population, does not even vote in federal elections. it is an even smaller turnout in provincial and municipal elections most times. Shouldnt our government be asking why this is.? Do they even care why? Maybe they prefer to have it this way? Most people who dont vote have a very good reason why that is. I have talked to thousands of people about different political issues, but I am always most curious why someone wouldnt vote. Because to someone like me voting is almost sacred, its the one time every few years you get to secretly have an opinion and stick it to the Man (Govt)right? No, not right. I think its more the other way round. Every few years the man gets to stick it to us, because nothing ever changes except who gets the fat cheques and the fat pensions! Why are some citizens successful and some are not? It is because the current system is not set up in a way that is fair for all involved. We always hear the age old adage If you work hard you will get ahead. Thats the positive outlook on it anyway. There is the negative way as well You dont have anything because you are Lazy. But did you ever stop and think about all those people who never did get a chance right from the start for whatever reason? How can anyone ever be successful if they dont have the proper nutrients, housing, education, family or community support? Well the answer is, they cannot. And whats more than that, is we see people trying to raise themselves-up and out of an unfortunate socioeconomic situation, only to be pushed into debilitating frustration by different government agencies so they just give up and quit their attempt anyway. This is in part why we have mistrust in the government to the extent that we do. Revenue agencies, Social services, boarder services and government representatives need to rethink the manner in which they deal with the general public, their fellow citizens! We need to collaborate and work together to rebuild the trust necessary to establish a working relationship between government and its citizens. A citizen will never be fully honest to their government if the government cannot first be honest to them. The role of government should be to set up an infrastructure that allows its citizens to develop to their full potential. One that encourages and makes sure its people have the resources they need to flourish and not the opposite! If our citizens do not have fair and equal access to the proper facilities they need to flourish, then our society becomes unbalanced like it is. When we have an unbalanced society we see things like tax evasion just to touch on one small point. When a typical member of society has a sense of entitlement to ripping of their government its probably because they feel as though its being done to them as well. When the hard working tradesperson sees his representative in a nice suit, lavish accomodations, never getting his hands dirty, talking the talk but not walking the walk, why wouldnt they do some jobs under the table? Then the revenue agency comes along and hounds them and their family, penalizes them monitarily adding even more stress and pressure to their situation. No wonder we see mental health issues sky rocketing out of control. Where is the peace and harmony in our own country? Have you ever watched a session of our representatives in the House of Commons? Should these people be role models for our children and our society? There seems to be a serious sense of resentment towards the governing faction and until we address this issue we can never be equalls. Does anyone ever stop and think how this will all end up if we continue in this manner? Its time for a social shift and thats exactly what we are all here to do. Lets be proactive and work together to ensure all of our children have the same opportunities. In a nation as wealthy as ours, its a tradegy that our representitives still allow poverty and inequality to exist.