Heres an idea..Partisan politics separates and Artisan politics creates. We have been doing the same thing over and over again with pretty much the same result. I think a majority would agree its time for a social shift. Why would we categorize our-selves with what seems to be the best of the worst? I dont want to have to pick from a select group that doesnt even remotely represent me, my ideologies or the significant issues our community stands for. Why cant we have someone cater to our specific needs instead of us catering to theirs? Partisan politics divides families, communities, cities and countries. It causes tension and hostilities between groups that otherwise wouldnt clash. Partisan politics are denominational and will only ever end in a disconnect within our society. It only ever puts a party in power and does not empower the community itself. What I would support in its place is a new idea, a fresh way of thinking. Something called Artisan politics.  Artisan politics creates, it builds, collaborates and unites people together. Artisan politics will grow communities, ideas and create from within for all of society to benefit from. If we have a Representative who works for the community and not just a party we will have more freedom of thought, contribution and localization. We need representatives who understand the dynamic of the people in their community, who listens to them and relays that on to Ottawa. Someone who works with that specific riding, has their best interests at heart and Not the Parties. Every single person is inherently an artist. Whether you are creating through farming and growing, swinging a hammer and building, musically inclined, mathematician, dancer, it is there in every one of us. Instead of limiting ourselves through barriers whether they are by socio economic, education, or partisan politics, I believe its our time to start the shift. I am sure we can all agree that we want a better world for our friends, family and children. Lets stop working against one another, and start to work together to create a future all of us can be proud of.