Today, the retail giant Target has announced that they will be closing down in Canada. Its unfortunate that so many people will be losing their jobs, around 17,000. Sony has also said they will be closing down their outlet stores in Canada. We have also heard about numerous production cuts and slow downs across the country from oil to airplanes. No doubt the Libs and New Dems will be hitting the attack on the conservatives action plan that we have all been so cleverly conditioned with over the past years. Good thing I am not bitter about the billion dollar advertising budget that could have got around 35 thousand people a bachelors degree in this country. It seems to me that would have been a much better way to have spent the money! Instead of trying to brainwash a country, educate the people, who create, innovate and in turn produce a huge taxation base, probably a smarter use of the funds. We perpetuate our own future and until we start investing in our people (our greatest resource) we will continue to see a volatile economic system. It is a sad inevitability that we will see many more economic downturns or recessions (call em what you will) if we keep doing the same thing over and over. However, I dont look at this as a bad thing, rather this is an opportunity to start a shift in a more positive direction. We need to focus on smaller endeavors and become more self reliant and self sustainable. Start a small business, downsize or plant a garden. Every single person has it in them to become whatever it is they can envision for themselves. We will probably see things get a little tighter this year with the price of the barrel going down but lets use that to our advantage. Instead of stopping investment and implementing cutbacks, we need to be creative and generate new small, cottage industries (there are literally millions).


Canadians are known worldwide for their grit, ingenuity, and inventiveness. Now is our time to shine and with the right type of leadership we can all prosper and grow into a much brighter future for all Canadians.